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Doesnât hold the curl (if you curl your lashes). Rating:  4/5, you may also like reading.

in the pics how my lashes look curled after 1coat, but after the 3rd coat just look pokey straight. A minus point of this mascara is the brushThe shape is such that it makes it hard to coat the lashes in the inner eye area. Iâd say this mascara is quite nice for daily wear, but nothing great. I wouldnât wear this for parties when I prefer some more volume. Additionally this doesnât clump my lashes, which is a huge plus point. What I like about MaxFactor False lash Effect Pink mascara. Doesnât clump my lashes, gives good definition, not too pricey. Separates the lashes well  What I donât like about MaxFactor False lash Effect Pink mascara. Brush makes it hard to reach the lashes in the inner eye area.

The result is 100 impact. Price: inr640, my experience with MaxFactor False lash Effect Pink mascara. As you hair can see, the packaging is adorable. The pink color is catchy and the tube itself is pretty similar. Maybelline or covergirl wella Mascara. Right away let me tell you all that I like this but donât love. Reason being that my lashes are kinda thin and I like definition and some volume. This mascara gives very good definition and makes my lashes stand out as best they can with specs. But volume-wise this does lack. I like lush, heavy looking lashes at times which this doesnât help with. A single coat of this isnât really enough for me and I find that I need 3coats to give a look closest to which I like.

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MaxFactor False lash Effect Pink mascara. Before you jump into any conlusions, no this is not a pink colored âs just the name i picked this up last month in a bid to make my lashes look e name itself is enough to arouse high hopes and thatâs exactly the feeling. Letâs see how it haar worked. About MaxFactor False lash Effect Pink mascara. Max Factor False lash Effect Pink. Mascara doubles your lash size with the impact of false lashes without the fuss. Its this seasons make up artist must have. The secret is in the lash boosting combination of Max Factors biggest brush ever combined with patented Liquid LashTM technology. Now with every volumising coat the big brush sweeps right to the tips giving your lashes fullness and head turning attitude.

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Max Factor False lash Effect, mascara reviews. Free standard delivery Order and Collect. Max Factor False lash Effect, mascara is the mascara that i use every day, and I have been doing so for a good few years. I ve tried other mascaras but nothing seems to quite live up to this one for me, plus it has won several awards including the Style magazine 2009 beauty Awards best Mascara award. Max Factor False lash Effect mascara? Max Factor, masterpiece in the black tube though is great and you. Max Factor, voluptuos, false lash Effect, mascara, water proof Black, paardenhoofd price, review and buy in Dubai, abu Dhabi and rest of United Arab Emirates. Max Factor False lash Effect, mascara view All, false lash effect mascara is a fabulous false lash effect is thanks to the combination of max factor? S biggest ever mascara brush with false lash effect?

Max Factor, velvet Volume, false lash Effect, mascara. Here s the klaver low down on the brand new. Max Factor, voluptuous, false lash Effect, mascara. Check out our findings here and see the before after photos. I have used the original, max Factor False lash Effect, mascara and I really liked it but found that it flaked onto my cheeks throughout the day. Wouldn t you like to try a mascara that can give you a real thickness and volume just as you would have when you put on your false lashes? I m sure your answer will be yes, yes and yes. Max Factor False lash Effect, mascara range online at Superdrug. Find the latest offers and read.

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Deep Blue by max Factor for Women -.1 ml eye shadow. False lash effect mascara is a fabulous false lash effect is thanks to kaartspelers the combination of max factor? S biggest ever mascara brush with false lash effect? S patented liquid lash formula. less, status:In Stock, model:w-c-4568, sku: w-c-4568, id: 124698.

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